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Cheap Classroom iPad Storage

Do you have a set of iPads in your classroom and can't afford the fancy storage containers? I think this is the reality for most teachers. 

Cheap Classroom iPad Storage

I received 6 new iPads just over a year ago, and for the first few weeks I struggled with having them standing in a plastic bin. The problem was, every time a couple of the iPads were pulled out the entire bin tipped over spilling the others.

A colleague of mine made an amazing suggestion that has worked brilliantly in my room ever since! This plastic dish drying rack from the dollar store is absolutely PERFECT, even with the chunky protective cases! I created groups for my iPads and set them up with customized, numbered wallpapers on the lock screen that match the numbered tabs attached to the side. I placed my students into groups so that I can tailor the apps on each device to the needs of that particular group, and they can easily tell at a glance whether their iPad is available for use at any given time in the day.

You can also grab a set of iPad rules for FREE in my TpT store by clicking the image below:

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  1. Where did you get your ipad lock screen? Love those!

    1. I made them, Martha! Perhaps I'll add them to my TpT store some time. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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