100 Days of School

We're only a couple of weeks away, so as the 100th Day of the 2015-2016 school year approaches I'm reflecting on last year and thinking ahead to what we will do to celebrate this year!

I begin every school day with attendance on the SMART Board. My students LOVE doing attendance this way - on the odd day when the computer isn't working properly and I can't pull one up the day can hardly begin! lol I have over 30 different files that I can rotate through including holidays, special events, and a pile of everyday files like monsters and owls. The 100th Day of School of course gets something special!

Each morning also begins with a Swiper Challenge on our hundreds chart. This is one way I spiral my number sense skills throughout the school year - my students need to find the sum (or difference) to get the missing numbers back from Swiper. You can read more about that {HERE}. Check out the numbers Swiper grabbed last year on the 100th Day... he's clever, isn't he?! ;)

From here I have a bunch of different activities that the students can choose from throughout the day. Being a special day, I like to move away from our usual routine and offer my students a little bit of flexible choice. I have a variety of writing and word work activities that I go back to year after year simply because the students have so much fun with them.

We create a 100 word collection, 
brainstorm 100 things we'd like to do before we are 100 years old,
and write about what we would do with $100!
Of course math is integrated into everything we do throughout the day. There are lots of counting opportunities, and since I teach 2/3 I take the opportunity to practice our skip counting and multiples to 100.

During writing, I surprised my students with this writing paper, created using the free Aging Booth app. The students' reactions were PRICELESS and motivation to write was amazing when they saw their aged photos! I've included a link to this app and customizable writing papers for you to do this with your own students in my 100th Day of School Writing & Word Work package!

A week or so before our celebration, I ask my students to start thinking about how they can create a collection of 100 at home to bring and share with their classmates. I did show them some ideas last year, and was very impressed with the variety of projects that came to school on that day! These were two of my favorites:
What would a party be without gifts?! Since we collect Brag Tags in our classroom there definitely needed to be one for our 100th Day celebration! This was last year's design.

And party favors are also a must! One of my absolute favorite resources in my TpT store are these 100th Day Brighter tags for glow wands! They are always a hit with my students!

There are SO MANY amazing activity ideas out there on the web. You can find a ton more things to try with your students on Pinterest!

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  1. "I would be rich, happy, and awesome"? Haha! I love it!

    1. I know, right?! lol We clearly need to spend some time on magnitude! :)



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