Fun with Fractions

Once Upon A Lily Pad is done. It was absolutely adorable; however, I still sing the songs in my head at least 6 or 7 times a day, and heard some of my students singing them out loud today, so I'm hoping that by September my brain will have purged them completely!

Anyway, back to normal we go. Just in time for the last 5 weeks of the year. You know what the last 5 weeks are like... anything BUT "normal"! You're probably there yourself! My third graders are getting ready for the Ontario provincial assessment, and life just keeps chugging along for grade two.

Right now we're tackling fractions. The students are so keen on this. I think being able to use words like fraction or tenth makes them feel like the "big kids" and they're pretty proud of themselves.

Here's a sneak peek:

There is a focus on identifying fractions, with increasingly more challenging questions that the kids loved today! The questions are self-checking, so students receive instant feedback:
In addition to these introductory pages, the students spent some time with a partner asking their own questions (and expecting accurate answers!) with this collage page:

After a good chunk of time asking each other questions it was time to pull out the first activity sheet:

The students get a set of "fractional instructions" to follow in decorating their own cupcakes on the first page, and early finishers create their own set of decorative cupcakes by creating their own fractional instructions! I gathered a great deal of data watching for who clearly understands fractions, and who requires more work on this.

I love the engagement! :) You can grab this fun, interactive resource here:

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