My First Five For Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my first Five For Friday!
I thought this would be an appropriate time to link up, since it is the first five-day week of my new school year! The week was veeeery loooong.... as most of the first full-day weeks of the school year are.

1. My Brag Tags arrived!!
I LOVE Brag Tags, and my students are so incredibly motivated by them! One of my boys has already reached the "Top of the Chart" position, and another boy randomly asked today, "What would happen if you were at the top and got to clip up again?" Did I mention these are second graders?!

2. We got some important routines established this week...

My new bunch is really getting settled in with these routines. Structure and predictability are GOLDEN!!!

3. I spent an hour and a half Thursday night peeling the laminating film off of over 40 pages that did not seal properly the first time. Grrrr.... Who has time for that?! Well, it seems that the second time is THE CHARM!! My newly-laminated number display is now hanging in the classroom (and doesn't look like it will begin peeling!).

4. We put some of the final touches on our School Year Time Capsules today!! I can't wait to get the photos mounted and have these babies sealed up until June! :) They are adorable!!
5. Our new hardwood flooring is being delivered tomorrow, and installed beginning on Monday!! (How random is that?!) Anyone who follows my blog may remember (waaay back) when I posted that my husband had ripped the carpet up... that was back at the end of May! Plus, all our living room furniture was sold prior to that in preparation! I. Can't. Wait. To have some place to totally VEG OUT!!

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Cute blog! I can't believe you had to peel all that film off. What a pain!! Glad it worked the 2nd time.
    Mrs. Tretbar’s Library

  2. What a nightmare peeling lamination off!!! Your room looks great though. YAY for hardwood and new furniture!! Love your brag tags too, where are they from?
    Pinkadots Elementary

  3. WOW you are a busy lady! I hate when that happens with the laminating! I also love your Grade Time anchor chart, I should do something similar with my ones and twos. We haven't had any separate lessons yet but we will be starting this week!

  4. Found your post on FIve for Friday. Following! Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading


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