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Hi Everyone!! I'm back after being MIA for the last three weeks! My husband and I took an incredible trip to Scandinavia and Russia, and we are finally home!
Man, I sure wish I'd had a pair of these babies over the last three days during our travels back! While it honestly was the trip of a lifetime, the eight-hour flight and nearly three-hour train ride back to our city was exhausting!

Our trip began with four days in Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen!
We had such fun exploring this beautiful city! We found the Little Mermaid,
and spent a day at the world-famous Tivoli!
It sure was something to see! We left to visit the art museum across the street, but returned to see the lights later that evening.
Truly breathtaking!

We then headed out on a Baltic cruise. My husband and I have never considered ourselves to be "cruise people". We travel A LOT, but have only been on one other cruise before this one - in the Greek islands. (When we travel, we tend to like having our toes in the sand!) This trip completely changed our perspective! While our ship in Greece was very tiny, with only about 500 passengers aboard, this ship was truly a hotel on the water. There were over 3000 passengers and 1100 crew on board, and they catered to our every whim for nearly two weeks! This is the start of something for sure! ;)

Our first port of call was Oslo, Norway where we visited a fascinating viking museum, Vigeland Sculpture Park, Akershus Castle, and took a sightseeing fjord cruise.

Next was Aarhus, Denmark which was a quieter day. We strolled through the streets, visited some old churches, and another viking exhibit.The following day we arrived in Warnemunde, Germany and hopped onto a train to Berlin. What a day! We stood under the Brandenburg Gate, saw Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall, and visited the Holocaust Memorial, just to name a few!

Still with me?! I hope so! We stopped in Stockholm, Sweden next, visiting the narrow old streets of Gamla Stan (the old city), the Vasa Museum which features a nearly perfectly preserved ship that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628, and cruised the canals around the 14 islands that make up the city.

Our next port of call was Helsinki, Finland. We spent another leisurely day exploring the sights, which included the awesome Helsinki Cathedral in Senate Square.

Next, we arrived in St. Petersburg, Russia. WOW! This was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever had the pleasure of standing in! We toured the city for two days with a Russian guide, taking in all the sights, including what has to be the most spectacular building I've ever seen, inside and out, The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood.
The inside was just as spectacular as the outside!
The walls and ceiling appear to be painted but they aren't - that is ALL mosaic with the finest detail you can imagine!

While in St. Petersburg we also visited The Hermitage with its amazing collection of fine art housed inside the Tzar's former palaces, AND went to the Russian ballet to see a performance of Swan Lake!

Our last port before heading back to Copenhagen was Tallinn, Estonia. What a pleasant surprise! This was one of the most charming little cities I've ever visited! We spent the day exploring the old medieval town.

 It was the PERFECT last stop!

Back on the ship, and on our way to Copenhagen once again, we celebrated the end of our cruise with champagne with strawberries and chocolate! :)

After another three days in Copenhagen it was time to return home. This really was the trip of a lifetime! I'd do it again tomorrow!


  1. UNBELIEVABLE!! You are lucky to have had these breathtaking experiences!

    1. Oh, I totally know I am. I count my blessings daily! :)


  2. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is so beautiful! The photos definitely show the fabulous time you had in Russia and Scandinavia. Thank you so much for the awesome freebie.

    1. It was incredible, Vanessa! Truly a trip of a lifetime! :) I'm glad you like the writing chart! Have fun with it!


  3. Welcome back! I loved looking at your awesome pictures! I'm glad you had such a great trip. Thanks so much for the Writing Process Monitoring Chart!
    Grade 4 Buzz


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