Field Trip Plans - Check!

I've been working the past few days (when I should have been prepping for report cards) on putting together a small field trip to celebrate the end of the school year with my kiddos. I found the coolest place... right here in town! 4Cats Arts Studio is going to host a Splatter Party for us! The students will be creating a Jackson Pollack-inspired splatter painting on a canvas of their own AND we will be creating a collaborative piece that will stay with me at the school!

I built the announcement into a literacy lesson this afternoon. We've been working on inferring, so I had my students take out their Free Writing books and I posted this on my SMART Board:
Photo from 4Cats Art Studio Website
I told the students that I wanted them to use the clues in the photo, and their schema, to infer what had happened. After 10 or 15 minutes of writing we shared a pile of ideas - it was fun to hear what they came up with depending on the small details the noticed from the photo.

I then turned the page on the SMART Board to reveal what was really happening:
Photos from 4Cats Art Studio Website
Of course they thought this looked "so cool"! After they oohed and ahhed at the pieces of art, I quietly turned the page one last time:
I didn't say a thing to them.... just waited. Gradually, there were little exclamations of "REALLY?" and "WE are going to do THIS?!". Several of them actually jumped out of their seats to come up and hug me! This one is going to be a blast! I'll be sure to post a follow-up with photos of our finished products.


  1. I love your field trip idea and how you told the kids is just awesome. I bet they just love you!

    Can't wait to see some pics of those final products.

  2. I can just relate so much to that fun way of delivering surprises to the kiddos. Loved your description of it and looking forward to the results! Great job showing the FUN in art!
    Whimsy Workshop 

    1. Susanna, I think it is going to be awesome, and I was SO excited that THEY were excited! My husband didn't think they'd be that into it, but I had a feeling...! Well, that and I'm taking them to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch afterward - I KNEW that part would be a hit!!



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