A Field Trip To Remember

A few weeks ago, I shared my plans for an end-of-year class trip I was planning for my kiddos. Today was the big day! You can read about the fun way I informed them about the trip by clicking HERE.

We started our day at our local 4Cats Arts Studio which is advertised as "The best, most fun art studio ever!" and we all would agree that this is absolutely true!
Our plan for the morning was to learn about Jackson Pollack and his "splatter painting" technique. We watched a short video, discussed Pollack's style, then we separated into two groups based on our color preferences for our own creations - a warm group,
and a cool group (I was part of the "cool" group of course. Haha!), 
and we painted the base color on our canvases.

Next, the group was split in half because the Splatter Room is quite small. My half was in the studio working on our backgrounds when a whole lot of commotion erupted from the back of the studio. ALWAYS wanting my students to be on their best, most respectful behavior, I went to check it out...
Our curator, Amanda, demonstrated the technique. They were still fairly clean at this point...
I needed to include this one so you can see the blur of motion!! They were flinging that paint like mad! (And, of course, you can see the girls were worried about their hair!)
Here, Amanda had them raising their brushes over their head. I assumed it was so they would stop working. I found out shortly afterward that was NOT the case...
The last two pictures were taken through the Splatter Room window - I did NOT want to ruin my iPhone!!

My group's turn for the Splatter Room has arrived. I figured I'd just tuck myself into a corner, keep my head down and avoid the majority of the mess...
This was the last shot I could take until we were finished. You can see that one of my boys was extra-into this... note the purple hands!

We were given our instructions: load up a color on your paintbrush, raise it over your head, and slash it down at the canvas. We splattered like crazy for a few minutes, then came the call to STOP, load your paintbrush again, hold it over your head, and... (this is the part I didn't quite get in the photo above)... shake the brush like mad! At this point, I resigned myself to the fact that I could not avoid being just as covered with paint as all the kids!

After a second round of splattering (two-handed I might add) we did a second (two-handed) paint shake, and then took our completed canvases back to the gallery to dry.
Aren't they beautiful?!

We weren't finished quite yet! After a little clean-up, we all headed back to the Splatter Room together for our huge collaborative canvas! This one is a 6' x 3' piece that we all created together - a great lasting memory of our year. 

We were all given a small jar full of paint with a syringe. We repeatedly filled it and blasted away at the canvas on the floor. When it was sufficiently covered, a second tray of goodies was brought in, and the kids went nuts! What looked like a tray of water balloons turned out to be small balloons full of white paint! We burst them over the canvas, shaking the white paint down, and the effect was amazing! 4Cats posted a preview of our piece on their Facebook page:
Isn't is awesome?! And, I promised photos of the kids post-splatter...

This was one of the coolest field trips I have done in my 15 years teaching. There are dozens of 4Cats Studios around North America and Mexico, and soon in Australia as well! I would highly recommend this to teachers and parents alike (they host BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!)

When we got ourselves cleaned up enough to board our bus, we headed over to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and an afternoon of fun and games before our day ended...

We made some great memories together!

And, finally, I must mention that this amazing little group of kids conspired to pool some of their game tickets together to get me a thank-you gift before we went home...
How was YOUR day?


  1. WOW! That looks like the coolest field trip ever! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. Thanks, Brandee! It was a blast! :)


  2. It looks like you guys had so much fun. I wish they had a location in my state.
    Polliwog Place

    1. Oh, my goodness... it was a riot!! :)



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