Let's Get Acquainted Linky AND An Accomplishment!

I'm joining Mrs. Reed at Flying into First Grade for her "Let's Get Acquainted" Linky Party! As a brand-new blogger, I'm looking forward to networking with teachers around the globe; this is a great way of connecting!

 The Noun Game

1. I adore my whole family, but my favourite person in the world would have to be my husband. This year is our 15th together, and we will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this summer! He is my rock, my best friend.
2. My favourite place in the world would be home. We travel A LOT, and no matter how wonderful or exotic the destination, no matter how fabulous our trip may have been, there is no place like home!
3. My favourite thing would DEFINITELY be travel. We get away every Christmas Break, March Break AND Summer Vacation! We are truly blessed to be able to do this! :)
Our latest return flight - home from St. Lucia!

4. My favourite animal... Well, I don't have a pet at home, but as a child we always had a golden retriever, so that would be my choice. My parents currently own this beauty, Belle.

Want to play the game? Click above to link up and join the fun!

ALSO... I have to share an addition to yesterday's post, "What To Do With 5 Extra Minutes (+ Giveaway)". Today, my class was in full celebration-mode after smashing their previous "I Have, Who Has" record! Only two minutes and twelve seconds to do ALL 30 questions! I wish you could see the smiling faces...

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